Using my Templates! Links!
  • Do not remove my credit! I put a ton of work into these and I'm letting you use and edit them for free, so please be respectful!
  • Editing is fine. That's what these are here for!
  • About images: Always try to use your own images, and if a code doesn't come with an image URL attached, then it is not yours to use!
  • You don't need to comment. If you want to tell me you're using one of my tables somewhere, there's a comment form provided, but it isn't a requirement.

Thank you to everyone who stops by, thank you to everyone who lets me make tables for them! I truly hope this is a helpful resource.

  • Change the colors! I use really bland colors in these tables because I want you to add your own zest!
  • Change the width, padding, fonts — anything you want!
  • Dissect and learn from my codes!
  • Test your work! Always test your work on Practice Board as well as a b2g board before using it!
  • Incorporate things from my Tips page! Learn to use the P tag, learn it now!
  • Replace the code when you edit your post! If you edit a post on b2g without replacing the HTML, you could break your code. Just copy and repaste your code when you edit and you're safe!
  • Show me your work! I love to see what you guys come up with.
  • Remove my credits! This should go without saying — but it doesn't.
  • Modify my codes and give them to others. My tables might be for intermediate/advanced users, but please do NOT use these tables to "fill orders". If you can't make your own HTML, you shouldn't be taking orders!
  • Use parts of my code in your own works. I encourage learning, but not stealing! Please don't frankenstien('s monster) my codes!
  • W3Schools - This is where I learned literally everything I know about HTML & CSS. It's a miracle resource.
  • NickPic - My image host of choice.
  • - a vital resource for testing html.
  • - Great for changing HEX codes.
  • List of Colors on Wikipedia - I keep the "Variations of Pink" page bookmarked, but this is a superb resource for finding and choosing colors.
  • Caution to the Wind - If you didn't find what you were looking for here, check out this site.
  • Lunar Children - Go see my work in practice! I've made over 65 tables for the users of this site.
  • Haven-City.NET - My domain.


You're welcome to use the comment form on any page to ask a question. I will do my best to get back to you promptly. Please leave contact info! You can also email me using the link at the top of any page, or snag my Chatango URL.

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